Congratulations on making it this far in your Speak Out Challenge journey. If we are taking part in the semi-final, now is the time for you to film and submit your speech. This site provides you with some guidance on making a speech to camera and filming - click on each section and watch a short video. When you have filmed and saved your speech please come back and hit 'Enter' below.

Making a speech

Our expert trainer, Jenny has some guidance on camera confidence and how you can make your speech to camera

Top Tips

Watch our favourite tips to help you make the final preparations for any speech

Filming your speech

Liz, our communications expert and all round filming and tech guru, takes you through the fundamentals of filming your speech from a phone or anything else

Entering your film

You have two steps to take. Firstly getting parental permission and then secondly entering your speech online.

1. With your parent / guardian, please click on the parental consent button below. This will open a form for you both to complete (opens in another tab)

2. Press the video upload button below to be able to enter your speech (Your speech should be saved as yourname.yourschoolname.mp4 (or.mov)) and your photo. They may take some time to upload as the files will be really big. - any problems please email us